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life groups

Lifegroups are where we journey with one another through all of life’s joys and challenges. 

In Lifegroups we learn and grow, serve and love, and experience true community.

Come along and connect into one of our Lifegroups—you’ll discover that ‘life is better together’.

Life Group Leaders


Marlon and Kay Besuyen
Marlon and Kay Besuyen
Young Families Life Group

Weekly during school terms, Wednesdays, 7.00pm

Various Venues

Contact: 03 313 1333

Mobile: 021 0600 522

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A C Cameron
          Andy and Claire Cameron

               Fortnightly, Tuesdays, 7.15pm

               81 Dunns Ave, the Pines Beach

               Contact us on 327 6327




 John and Pat Fox
        John and Pat Fox

              Fortnightly during school terms, Thursdays, 7.00pm
              15 Allison Crescent, Kaiapoi

              Contact: 03 327 0032




Barry and Jeannette Reed

            Barry and Jeannette Reed

                   Fortnightly, Wednesdays, 7pm

                  76 Chiltons Road, Kaiapoi

                  Contact: (03) 312 0040

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