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Counsellor Jo Russell

MEd (Counselling), BA, DipTchg

My name is Joanna Russell and I’m a Christian counsellor.  If you get a moment to read my website www.joannarussell.co.nz it reveals the way the Lord has led me over the years in the area of depth counselling.  

My work is based on the knowledge that God sees all, and nothing is hidden from Him; and that He desires us to be whole: body, soul and spirit.  And from the inside out.  I believe that Jesus always addresses the internal, (what He can see), and not just the outer.

But I also believe that even as Christians, we can go a lifetime without change if we’re not willing to do the work with God.  He doesn’t force His way into our lives.  If we truly want God to do the healing work, we need to give Him permission. This is the nature of the relationship He’s created.  He’s given us freedom of choice.

What is Depth counselling?  We all come from families, and we carry a lot with us.  Sometimes we need to unpack our family-of-origin and have a look inside.  We may carry trauma and emotional wounding, which we mask with defensive behaviour.  We react to emotional triggers and there are unresolved areas in our relationships.  

Depth counselling is not as frightening as it sounds.  In fact, most people find it’s a release to open-up, rather than cover up.  And that’s when the Lord can carry out healing. 

Then as healing takes place, re-learning begins.  We learn to respond to life situations differently; to nurture new behaviour; and relate to people from a genuine place.  It’s a good journey.

The cost of a counselling session is $80, but is not limited to one hour.  This is because one hour can pass very quickly and people are often not ready to leave.  I want the person to feel relaxed and take the time needed.

You are welcome to pay by cash, or internet bank transfer.  Payment is expected at the end of each session unless prior arrangements have been made.

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